Fortune’s Magic Farm

September 14, 2008 at 8:45 pm (Fantasy, Middle Reader) (, , , )

Book Review of Fortune’s Magic Farm, by Suzanne Selfors
Reviewed by Amelia H. age 9, Long Beach, California
Suzanne Selfors wrote the book called Fortune’s Magic Farm. The main character is a girl named Isabelle. This book is about Isabelle discovering she could be the last surviving “tender” or grower of magic.
In the beginning, Isabelle is an orphan with a boring, awful life, then she is taken to a place where she has a family and where magic grows from seeds. I enjoyed this book because it has funny, made up things, like imaginary plants and animals. I also liked that the book has magic in it because I like books about magic, especially when the kids use it in their everyday life and don’t even realize it’s magic.
I like Isabelle’s character because she is really brave. My favorite part was when Isabelle’s hair turned green. That was funny because no one’s hair can really be green. I recommend this book because it teaches you to believe that anything is possible if you try hard and believe

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